The Family Health Centers of Georgia, Inc. has partnered with American Heart Association to pilot Target: BP a program designed to empower underserved patients to manage their blood pressure.

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The primary goal of Target: BP is to improve health in minority and economically disadvantaged populations by reducing high blood pressure. Target: BP provides FHCGA with tools to incorporate best practices in high blood pressure reduction into daily operations, ensuring that all patients are treated using current, science-recommended best practices.

Target: BP will use The M.A.P. Framework to help improve health outcomes for patients. The M.A.P. Framework represents: Measuring Accurately every time a blood pressure is taken; Acting Rapidly to guide treatment and follow-up until blood pressure is under control; and Partnering with Patients, Families & Communities to engage patients in their health and increase adherence to care plans. This framework is in alignment with FHCGA’s patient centered model of care.

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