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Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming and challenging. Our Choose Health Program can help you in just about every step of the way.

Through a generous grant funded by the United Way of Greater Atlanta, we’ve partnered with several local organizations and hospitals to provide patients guidance and a better understanding of their healthcare options. We are proud to work with the following agencies to assist patients in bettering their health and condition: Grady Hospital, Southside Medical Center, Oakhurst Medical, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Mercy Care.

Our skilled team from Choose Health typically springs into action when a patient is about to be discharged from one of our partner agencies. We quickly get in touch with the patient to let them know about program and what we offer. Almost immediately the patient is assigned Community Health Worker based on the patient’s location.

Our Community Health Workers serve as an education resource, patient advocate and social worker. After a patient is discharged, the case worker will familiarize themselves with the patient’s medical history and help plan the next steps in their healthcare.

We want to help patients get healthy, stay healthy and help prevent them from taking costly trips to the ER unnecessarily. To that end, we provide services including scheduling doctor’s appointments, helping arrange transportation to the appointments and even going with the patient to the doctor’s visit and filling out paperwork.

If the patient doesn’t quite comprehend what the doctor has advised, we help break it down so they have a better understanding. If, perhaps, the patient is having a hard time conveying to the doctor what ails them, we help interpret that for the doctor. If patients can’t afford medications, we work with them and Medicaid to find more affordable solutions.

Our assistance doesn’t end there though. We also follow up with patients after their doctor’s appointments to make sure they are properly taking them medications, and we access their home to see if there’s anything that may be contributing to their nonemergency hospital visits that can be adjusted or eliminated.

Our Community Health Workers also set goals with our patients so they are involved in and can take responsibility of their own healthcare, and can safely and comfortably address any concerns they may have. We educate patients not only about general healthcare issues but also about the differences in seeing a primary care physician versus a visit to the ER. We do this in hopes that they’ll learn to make the right choices for their continuing healthcare in the future including making and keeping regular doctor’s appointments.

We feel that spending time with patients one-on-one and providing them the much-needed assistance really gives them the assurance and comfort they need. By offering our time and providing them the resources and education, they see that we are taking into consideration their best interests and well-being, and they’ll hopefully see the value and importance of taking charge of their own health.

By educating our patients and helping reduce the number of unnecessary ER visits and admissions, we help reduce the costs for hospitals, which enables us to continue our valued working relationships with our local, partnered organizations.

Our Choose Health team prides itself on being team-oriented and going above and beyond for our patients. We meet each week to review our cases, share resources, discuss challenges and successes an adjust our program goals and objectives, all which makes a huge, positive, impactful difference for our patients.

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