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We sure do have something to smile about at FHCGA – our-top Dental Program. Our clinics not only focus on behavioral and medical issues, we also proudly concentrate on the importance of good dental health.

Caring for a healthy mouth, teeth and gums should be a regular part of your healthcare, and we’d like to help. In our Dental Program, our dentists and dental assistants offer regular cleanings, which are recommended for every 6 months (twice yearly), composite fillings and most extractions.

Did you know that your dental health has an effect on many medical ailments including blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and more? Well, that’s why good dental health is so important to your overall health.

Because everything starts with your mouth through chewing and digestion, having healthy teeth and gums is crucial for just about every aspect of your whole-body health. Your oral health also provides clues about your overall health as problems in your mouth can actually have an effect on the rest of your body. And we want to help you and your whole family with good dental health.

We aim to make our dental program accessible to everyone including children and women who are pregnant. When patients, 2 years old and under, visit their pediatrician for their well-baby check-up, we send one of our dentists to their appointment so the child receives a full dental screening. The same goes for pregnant women; when you have your OB appointment, a dentist provides a full dental check-up for you as well because so many qualities of a healthy pregnancy are affected by good dental hygiene and health.

In addition, after our dental team’s assessment of any patient, if we think a patient needs more care outside of our program, we refer you to one of our local partnering oral surgeon’s clinics, taking into account your insurance and financial situation, so you can still get the proper dental care you need.

Taking care of your dental health will have a great impact on your overall health. Call us to schedule your appointment today and you’ll be on your way to a lovely smile, and hopefully, a positive outcome for the rest of your body’s health as well. Now that’s something to smile about!

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