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Dealing with cancer screenings or a possible cancer diagnosis can be emotional and confusing. Patients have many thoughts and questions when it comes to cancer and oftentimes are unsure where to start. Our Cancer Screening Case Manger can help answer those questions and get patients on the right path.

When our in-house doctors refer patients to our Cancer Screening Program, our Case Manager steps in to guide patients to the appropriate next step. With care and sensitivity, our Case Manager takes time to review the patient's case and history, and gets to know them as a person as well, not just another medical chart.

Patients are then referred to various hospitals, clinics and medical practices throughout the metro area that specialize in the type of cancer screening they need. Whether it's a referral to Atlanta Medical Center for mammograms or a local GI clinic for colonoscopies, we help ensure that patients receive the quality service they need at the right location.

We've also partnered with the American Cancer Society to host events that educate patients about the importance of cancer screenings and how being proactive when it comes to your health can help you live a long, healthy life.