At FHCGA, we believe that a major aspect of healthcare is providing the community with the resources and information that can aid them in leading a healthy life. We see health education has an extension of the overall umbrella of healthcare, so our approach is two-fold: patient healthcare and patient education.

Through our Health Education Program, we teach our patients with their entire well-being in mind through physical, mental and social health education. At our clinics, as well as our school-based facilities, our highly skilled Certified Wellness Coordinators provide extensive health education covering numerous topics through various formats.

We offer information on nutrition, including healthy food choices and food preparation, as well as counseling, smoking cessation, diabetic management, asthma management and more. Our patients learn about making healthy choices and how to implement those smart choices in their lives, which can help improve their overall health.

In our school-based programs, we focus on getting kids healthy and helping them stay healthy. And our Wellness Coordinators not only reach out to students, but teachers, staff, bus drivers and parents also benefit from our assistance and education.

We hold school-wide presentations and educational activities to address health-related information that's important to students. Did you know that September is Fruit & Veggie month? Well, thanks to our presentations, our students do! In addition to our school-wide activities, we work in tandem with school health teachers to ensure students are receiving the best community-specific health education.

Because parents are vital in helping students make good food choices and stay active, we involve them on many levels. We invite parents to join us for workshops and demonstrations to see first-hand what we are teaching their children, so they can reinforce a healthy lifestyle at home. We also regularly send home educational resources and information - in Spanish and English - so parents can stay updated on health topics.

In addition to healthy eating, physical education is just as important, which is why we also provide students fun and engaging physical activities in which they can participate including soccer and basketball. By making the physical activities interactive, students truly enjoy them rather than viewing them as a chore or boring exercise.

Because we want the best for our students, we keep a close eye on their health. If we think a student may need more care outside of our program, we refer them to the appropriate FHCGA provider who can give them the healthcare they need and deserve.

Through our Health Education Program, we encourage adults and kids to take charge of their health by leading a healthy lifestyle made up of smart food choices and physical activities. Come speak with us today so we can provide you with the resources, tools and education to get you on the right track to a more healthy lifestyle.