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FHCGA wants to help your child develop and grow in the healthiest way possible. And that's why we established the Youth Weight Reduction and Fitness Program. This fun and informational program offers students in Kindergarten through 5th grade the opportunity to learn about fitness and nutrition in an engaging, safe and interactive environment.

In our school-based program, students meet once a week for one hour after school at Lake Forest Elementary in Sandy Springs. Through our two-prong approach, we focus on nutritional education as well as physical education. Our program typically includes around 65 students, who have affectionately deemed their tight-knit group the 'Cool Kids.'

At the beginning of each year, our trained healthcare staff conducts assessments for each student to determine their needs of physical and nutritional assistance. The assessments include basic information gathering such as height, weight and blood pressure. We reassess the students twice more throughout the year to ensure our approach is having a positive impact on their overall health or we adjust as needed.

If we think that students may benefit from additional help outside of our program, we refer them to other healthcare professionals. If we are unable to provide the help they need, we make sure they get it elsewhere. Additionally, if a doctor recommends that a patient should join a wellness program, they can be referred to our program.

As students arrive for our weekly sessions, we provide all-natural, healthy snacks, which include fruit, vegetables, veggie chips, 100% fruit juice and water.

After snack time, the students eagerly join in for the fitness portion of the program. From playing soccer on our large outdoor field to basketball, jump rope and hula hoop in our indoor gym - the students absolutely love the physical games and activities.

Our goal is to make the physical activities fun and engaging so students enjoy them and don't think of it as 'exercise.' We also constantly change and rotate the activities in an effort to keep students from becoming bored, so they'll continue to remain interested and enjoy our program.

Once a month, we break out into group sessions by age and talk about healthy-eating habits and nutrition. We offer individual sessions as well. In these sessions, we encourage students to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water every day and eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, and we explain how much a serving is and what it looks like so students can better visualize what healthy eating means. We also ask them engaging questions related to nutrition so they take an interest in making good food choices.

At the end of the year, we hold a very special awards ceremony to congratulate every single student for their participation. And we suggest to the students that they continue their fun, physical activities at home in additional to eating healthy foods, all of which adds to an overall healthy lifestyle.

We have received tremendous positive feedback about our program from students and their parents. Our students tell us that they love the sports activities and that it provides them something different to do from their regular daily routine.

We also encourage parents to get involved by inviting them to workshops where they can see our program in action. We also offer parent sessions in which we provide nutrition information so they can reinforce at home the healthy habits their children are learning with us. In fact, one parent told us, "My child is asking questions about healthy foods at home!" We consider that a success story!

In addition, the Fulton County School Board approved the continuation of our program because it has had such a positive impact on our participants and their families.

To join our program, simply call our office at 404.752.1400 to request the paperwork.