Diet Coke and The Heart Truth Capture The Flag For Heart Health

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Female athletes from Clark Atlanta University represented West End Medical Center and DeKalb Medical in the Diet Coke and The Heart Truth sponsored “Capture The Flag” tournament on Feb. 22 at Clark Atlanta University in association with American Heart Month. The teams played for a grand prize of $10,000, which the winning medical center, West End Medical Center, received toward its campaign for cardiovascular health. while DeKalb Medical received $5,000. The $15,000 was donated by Coca-Cola, Co. in response to the company’s four-year partnership with The Heart Truth. “Heart disease is the number one cause of death amongst women,” said Dr. Michael Brooks, CEO of West End Medical Centers, in response to the rise in awareness for the disease. Women make up half of those affected by heart disease and awareness was low as it is traditionally considered a man’s disease. “Diet Coke and The Heart Truth have been partnered for this cause for four years as a way to promote heart health 1reness,” said Government Relations Director Charlie Sutlive. “With this partnership, we want to raise awareness, promote an active lifestyle and improve the lives of our consumers.”

In addition to Diet Coke will be rolling out six billion packages carrying The Heart Truth logo to raise awareness. Although many could not make it to the game, the awareness should be continual. “Seek out healthcare, learn family history, take part in regular exercise, and really learn how to read labels on food,” advised Brooks on taking preventative measures to cut risk of heart disease. The tournament sent out two important messages to the community. “The game was a message of becoming active, and really having fun while doing it,” said Sutlive of the childhood game centered on the regional campaign. “Also, we want the next generation to become aware of taking care of their health and living a healthy lifestyle.” For information on heart health awareness, visit

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