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At FHCGA, we proudly offer numerous programs and services for the well being of our patients. We believe in the total care of our patients, which extends beyond the vast medical services we provide. Our goal is to coordinate the medical, physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of each patient.  We aim to help every family achieve a healthier lifestyle, now and in the future.

  • ACA Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment

    FHCGA is proud to provide you with assistance in finding quality healthcare and affordable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids. Thanks to the ACA, many individuals and families in Georgia who did not previously have access to insurance coverage may now qualify for coverage at a low cost or no cost. You and your... Click to Read More +
  • Asthma Management

    Take a deep, refreshing breath… In our Asthma Management Program, we help children and adults do just that by providing them the treatment and guidance they need to appropriately manage their asthma. For our pediatric patients, we offer assistance to kids with mild, intermittent, moderate or severe asthma. Because we know that managing asthma and its symptoms can be confusing, we... Click to Read More +
  • Cancer Screenings

    Dealing with cancer screenings or a possible cancer diagnosis can be emotional and confusing. Patients have many thoughts and questions when it comes to cancer and oftentimes are unsure where to start. Our Cancer Screening Case Manger can help answer those questions and get patients on the right path. When our in-house doctors refer patients to our Cancer Screening Program, our Case Manager... Click to Read More +
  • Cardiovascular Management

    In our Cardiovascular Management Program, which operates within our Adult Medicine Program, we offer preventative measures, screenings and monitoring for new and existing patients. Patients can even come to our clinic and check their blood pressure – for free – any time. Through a blood pressure assessment and echocardiogram, we determine whether our program is equipped to... Click to Read More +
  • CHOOSE Health

    Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming and challenging. Our Choose Health Program can help you in just about every step of the way. Through a generous grant funded by the United Way of Greater Atlanta, we’ve partnered with several local organizations and hospitals to provide patients guidance and a better understanding of their healthcare options. We are proud to work... Click to Read More +

    We are pleased to provide assistance to families in need of support for various health and social issues. Our COMPASS Screenings Program (Common Points of Access to Social Service) can do just that. In our in-house resource center, you can get information and find out if you qualify for certain state-funded programs. These programs include Medicaid, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy... Click to Read More +
  • Georgia Family Planning System

    In 2014, The Family Health Centers of Georgia became the first community health center in the nation to receive Title X funding to administer statewide family planning services.  We provide oversee an annual budget of $7.8 million to ensure all Georgia families receive access to low cost or no cost (free) birth control options.  Our program, The Georgia Family Planning System... Click to Read More +
  • Health Education

    At FHCGA, we believe that a major aspect of healthcare is providing the community with the resources and information that can aid them in leading a healthy life. We see health education has an extension of the overall umbrella of healthcare, so our approach is two-fold: patient healthcare and patient education. Through our Health Education Program, we teach our patients with their entire... Click to Read More +
  • Mobile Medical & Dental Unit

    If taking time off from work to bring your child to a doctor’s appointment is sometimes challenging, we have your answer.  Our Mobile Medical & Dental Unit will come to your child.  Our mobile unit has all the necessary equipment to provide high-quality care for your little ones. We offer primary care, immunizations, physicals and more.  We partner with local schools... Click to Read More +
  • PeachCare for Kids ™

    Children grow and develop quickly, so getting them healthy and keeping them healthy is a vital priority. Our ACA Licensed Navigators are also available to assist you in enrolling your children in Georgia’s low cost health insurance program for working families, PeachCare for Kids ™.  This program helps ensure that children, up to age 18, receive the proper healthcare... Click to Read More +
  • Public Housing Primary Care

    At FHCGA, we want everyone to be able to get the healthcare they need, which is why we’ve set up 3 satellite locations in the metro area in Fulton and Cobb counties. These smaller site locations are an extension of our main facility’s services. In our Public Housing Primary Care Program, we bring the healthcare to your metro Atlanta community. We offer full-service medical care,... Click to Read More +
  • School-Based Health Centers

    At FHCGA, we aim to get children healthy and help them stay healthy. Our School-Based Health Centers are one way we achieve those goals.  We’ve partnered with several local school systems to provide on-site healthcare for your little ones from elementary school through high school. If your child gets sick while at school, all they have to do is head to our onsite clinic for help... Click to Read More +
  • Seniors Case Management

    Our Seniors Case Management Program is here to help patients who are 65 years and older receive the quality care they deserve. We pride ourselves on establishing a caring and trusting connection with our seniors because we truly want to help them live their best, healthiest life. Through our tight bond, we become patients’ advocates to ensure their needs are met and they are getting... Click to Read More +
  • Teen Clinic +

    Growing up and understanding the changes in your body is not always easy. Our doctors and staff are here to help. Teen Clinic is a safe place where young people ages 12-19 can learn how to make smart choices for their body and a healthy future. Knowing is the smart choice. Think you are pregnant? Think you have an STI? Don’t let guessing cost you your health or life. Know before you... Click to Read More +
  • Youth Weight Reduction

    FHCGA wants to help your child develop and grow in the healthiest way possible. And that’s why we established the Youth Weight Reduction and Fitness Program. This fun and informational program offers students in Kindergarten through 5th grade the opportunity to learn about fitness and nutrition in an engaging, safe and interactive environment. In our school-based program, students... Click to Read More +
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