FHCGA is proud to provide you with assistance in finding quality healthcare and affordable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids™.

Thanks to the ACA, many individuals and families in Georgia who did not previously have access to insurance coverage may now qualify for coverage at a low cost or no cost. You and your family do not have to continue to be uninsured or under-insured.

Our ACA Certified Application Counselors are also available to assist you in enrolling your children in Georgia's low cost health insurance program for working families, PeachCare for Kids ™. This program helps ensure that children, up to age 19, receive proper healthcare through access to affordable health insurance. Once a child is enrolled, they will receive preventive services (immunizations and well check-ups), dental care, vision care, prescriptions, and behavioral health, as well as specialty care. Peachcare For Kids™ also covers ER visits and hospitalization if needed.

As a Certified Application site for the ACA, we are happy to help you navigate your way through the Marketplace, find a plan that works for your family and enroll for coverage.

Our Certified Application Counselors and volunteers can speak with you over the phone, but we encourage you to come and meet with us in person so we can provide our helpful, one-on-one assistance.

After we gather some information from you, our experienced staff will help guide you through your options by explaining and comparing coverage plans so you can choose the coverage that works best for your family. Once you have chosen the appropriate plan, we will help you enroll for coverage.

Finding the best insurance plan for your family will not be overwhelming with FHCGA on your side. Schedule a meeting with one of our Certified Application Counselors today and you will be on your way from uninsured or under-insured to fully covered.