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Take a deep, refreshing breath…

In our Asthma Management Program, we help children and adults do just that by providing them the treatment and guidance they need to appropriately manage their asthma.

For our pediatric patients, we offer assistance to kids with mild, intermittent, moderate or severe asthma.

Because we know that managing asthma and its symptoms can be confusing, we make sure to provide our young patients with the education and tools they'll need, so they can take charge of their own healthcare and asthma management. In addition, we offer in-office demonstrations for properly using medicated rescue inhalers, and we create a take-home comprehensive Asthma Action Plan specifically designed for each patient. The Action Plan includes clear instructions for children's daily medications, directions for using an inhaler and information about triggers.

After our initial consultation and assessment, if a treatment plan is effective for a patient, we advise them to return for follow-up appointments every 3 months to help ensure their asthma is properly under control. If the prescribed plan is not as effective, we encourage patients to return on a monthly basis until the appropriate treatment is found and working properly.

While we offer treatment and help monitor patients with asthma, if a patient needs an immediate medical intervention, we typically provide an immediate dose of steroids combined with an in-office nebulizer treatment to get the acute asthma attack under control.

Much like our pediatric patients, our adult patients receive similar care for their asthma through our Adult Medicine Department after a referral from our family practice providers.

If we think a patient needs additional care outside of our program, we refer them either to a qualified allergist, or to our asthma partner facility, Hughes Spalding Asthma Clinic, which is a local, highly skilled pulmonology group for kids and adults.

Neither children nor adults should have to live with breathing difficulties. In our Asthma Management Program, we make sure you have access to the care and medications you need to improve your quality of life and breathe easier every day.