In 2014, The Family Health Centers of Georgia became the first community health center in the nation to receive Title X funding to administer statewide family planning services. We provide oversee an annual budget of $7.8 million to ensure all Georgia families receive access to low cost or no cost (free) birth control options. Our program, The Georgia Family Planning System (GFPS), is a collaboration of statewide federally qualified community health centers and Grady Health System.

With locations across the state of Georgia, the goals of GFPS are to offer family planning services that aim to decrease the rate of unplanned/unintended pregnancies in the state, increase healthy outcomes for pregnant women and provide access to affordable primary healthcare services for your entire family.

By helping to prevent unplanned pregnancy and assisting in planning for pregnancy to have a healthy and successful outcome, we hope to help reduce the infant mortality rate in Georgia, which is sadly ranked highest in the country.

GFPS's mission is to provide high-quality, accessible, affordable and evidence-based family planning and reproductive health services to women, men and adolescents. We are committed to serving all communities and enhancing the well-being of all families.

At our vast network of GFPS locations, we want to help individuals, couples and families with every aspect of family planning and primary healthcare, from STI and HIV prevention and treatment to prenatal services, birth control options, counseling, reproductive health and fertility, and all types of medical interventions. If you need more care for any family planning issue, including infertility, our GFPS partners will refer to the appropriate medical professional who can assist you.

GFPS proudly offer extensive services for every member of your family no matter their age, race or whether married, single or partnered. Through our full range of services, our statewide program provides you with the advice and services that your family needs now, and we can help plan for your future. We cater to your whole family by offering numerous, accessible services in one facility with flexible hours including Saturday and late-night appointments.

To locate the access point closest to you or speak with a Family Planning Advisor please call 404.572.5850, or visit

This project is supported by Title X funding and administered by the Family Health Centers of Georgia Inc. The project described is supported by Grant #FPHPA046164-01-00 from the US Department of Health & Human Services, Public Health Services, and its content are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the US Department of Health & Human Services, Public Health Services.