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In order to provide our patients with accurate and timely lab test results, FHCGA has partnered with Quest Labs, which is identified as the largest lab company in the United States.

Through Quest, phlebotomists are available in our clinics to safely and gently draw blood from patients when needed. Once the sample is collected, a Quest courier then securely transports the sample to a local lab for testing.

Routine or basic blood work test results are typically provided within 24-48 hours. If further advanced testing is needed, results may take extra time.

All of our testing is managed and maintained by a secure computer system. Once testing is complete, the results are transmitted electronically through a secure digital program called Electronic Media Records. This system not only ensures patients' information remains private, but it also enables the lab to quickly and securely provide results.

Our lab technicians work closely with physicians to ensure that patients get the best care we can provide - together. Oftentimes, technicians consult with providers to discuss advanced testing options that may be helpful to patients. We're proud of our physician-technician partnerships, and patients benefit from of our strong relationships.

Because we value patients' healthcare and privacy, we handle each sample with the utmost of care and confidentiality, ensuring we are ethically compliant, so each patient receives the best care we can offer.