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We are pleased to offer comprehensive pharmaceutical ser­vices to patients, physicians and other health­care professionals. Our pharmacy staff strives to improve patients' health outcomes by providing education, hands-on training and affordable medications that are necessary for treatment and prevention.

Our daily services include filling prescriptions, providing information about your medication, offering refill reminders and patient medication counseling.

In addition to our regular pharmacy services, we also offer numerous specialty programs for the well-being of our patients:

In our Diabetes Education and Demo Program, we offer a Diabetes testing-supply demonstration in which patients will learn how to properly use a meter, test strips, lances, where to inject in addition to a basic education about healthy meals for diabetics and what their test numbers mean for them. Our Smoking Cessation Program provides medications to help patients quit smoking, but it doesn't end there. We can also help you find Behavioral Counseling, and we regularly follow up with you to help you quit successfully. Patients who are 65 years and older are typically on several medications. In our Medication Adherence Clinic, our goal is to make sure that our older patients are completely educated on all of their medications and are taking them regularly with the correct dosage and for the right duration. Our Patient Assistance Program helps uninsured people and families receive certain medications at a reduced cost and oftentimes in a 3-month supply. Common medications in this program include insulin for Diabetes management and asthma medications. Ask your doctor about referring you to this helpful program.

In our in-house, one-stop pharmacy shop, you'll get everything you need quickly and accurately. After you see your doctor, head down to our pharmacy to get your prescription filled and get any questions answered about your medication before you head out the door.

We know everyone has busy schedules, so we aim to help you get the medications and information you need so you can get back to your daily schedule. Worried about waiting if there's a question about your prescription? Our pharmacy technicians can quickly and efficiently speak with your in-house doctors to address any issues.

In fact, we take pride in our doctor-pharmacist relationships. Our open lines of communication enables doctors to depend on our technicians to aid patients' understanding of their medications, and our technicians depend on our doctors to provide timely services to patients and quick responses should questions arise. Simply put, our technicians and doctors work well together to ensure excellent care to you - our patients.

Drop in or call to request an appointment with our Director of Pharmacy, Patient Assistant Coordinator or Pharmacy Technician. We're here to help you get healthy and stay healthy through proper prescription planning and adherence.