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Our Seniors Case Management Program is here to help patients who are 65 years and older receive the quality care they deserve.

We pride ourselves on establishing a caring and trusting connection with our seniors because we truly want to help them live their best, healthiest life. Through our tight bond, we become patients' advocates to ensure their needs are met and they are getting proper healthcare and appropriate attention.

We believe that seniors are special, and they should be treated that way. We help educate them about insurance to better understand it and make sense of it, so they are spending less money out of pocket and know where and how to get affordable medications and equipment.

When a patient's primary doctor advises them to see a specialty doctor, that is where we step in, too. We will familiarize ourselves with the patient's case and history and refer them to the specialist who can best help, whether that is at one of our own FHCGA facilities or with our partner organizations: Emory University Hospital, Grady or Wellstar. Common specialist referrals include dermatologists, ophthalmologists, cardiology, gastroenterology, radiology (mammogram & x-ray), and outpatient rehab (physical, speech or occupational therapy).